Welcome to Beijing. This is B.A.S.E 2007.

B.A.S.E. has reopened its doors to students of Architecture and Planning under the thin shed roof of the 12 meter high, 625 meter space in the Urban Village of Cao Chang Di. Across the street from the artist (and now “architect”) Ai Weiwei, and amongst the fresh and substantive new Arts District, B.A.S.E. is situated in the epicenter of new creative thinking in Asia. The space is currently being subtly refreshed, “wired” wirelessly, equipped, and ready for early 21st century studio work. Within the space, under the curved ceiling will be- give or take - 30 participants.

Additionally, in the Spring of 2007, ACE Gallery www.acegallery.net, (Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, New York) will launch its Beijing Gallery in cooperation with B.A.S.E. in the space next door. ACE currently exhibits artists such as Robert Wilson, Tim Hawkinson, Charles Fine, Tara Donovan, Dennis Hopper, and Keith Sonnier, and has collaborated with the Guggenheim and the Whitney in curating exhibitions.
A set of courses will be laid on the table ready for action - courses of action leading to dis-course, recourse,“of course”, and other futures yet unknown. Interjections in the course of this ongoing work will take the form of events, performances, forums, exhibitions, happenings, parleys, pow wows, visitors, and treks out and back to the B.A.S.E..